About Dr Gary Jackson: Private Psychiatrist London, Essex/East Anglia

After qualifying as a Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Jackson worked in academic psychiatry at University College London where he undertook research and teaching and ran an NHS psychiatry ward. In 1993 Dr Jackson embarked on a career in private psychiatry in Essex.

With a number of published works on anxiety disorders to his name, having worked with local media in promoting mental health and with substantial clinical experience, Dr Jackson is regularly called upon to speak on mental health issues at meetings and events throughout Essex and East Anglia.

He is committed to raising the profile of mental health so that an increased number of people may

Dr Gary Jackson specialises in the private assessment and treatment of a wide range of adult mental health issues. To make an appointment please see your GP for a referral or alternatively telephone 01245 244717

Dr Jackson welcomes contact with mental health community groups and patient associations in East Anglia with a view to providing guidance and working towards raising the profile of mental health in the local areas. Interested parties are invited to contact his secretary.

Dr. Gary Jackson

achieve more awareness of common psychiatric conditions, enabling them to recognise mental health problems more readily and leading to a better informed, less stigmatising community.